Arachne v1.95;GPL

Available May 24, 2008
After more than 8 years since v1.66b, it's finally here......
Arachne v1.93 for Linux (complete install package for svgalib)
Updated to v1.95 on Mar 09, 2010
Screen-caps..... arlinux1.gif arlinux2.gif

To install.....
(not in X, nor in a terminal emulator in X, but ONLY at the CLI)

1) login as root
2) extract the package via.... tar -z -xf arachne-svgalib-1.95.tgz
3) CD to the arachne-svgalib-1.95 directory
4) run ./install (basic dependency checks will be done by the script)
   If all is well and you have all the needed dependencies....
5) 'enter on-through' all dir & command prompts to use the defaults
6) Alter your /etc/vga/libvga.config file as needed to get svgalib
   working correctly with your graphics card, monitor & mouse.
7) to start Arachne v1.95;Linux, simply type.... arachne <enter>

(take this link for the complete SRC code)

Extract the SRC with....

tar -z -xf arachne-src-1.97.tgz

cd to the asrc197 directory

make -f svgalib/makefile

In a few minutes you'll have a new build of the arachne-svgalib executable