Well folks.... After a 4yr hiatus, I'm at it again ;-)
Available Mar 04, 2013......Arachne v1.97;GPL
(sorry.. only the DOS 387+ and 286- builds this time, no new Linux build)
Available May 24, 2008
After more than 8 years since v1.66b, it's finally here......
Arachne v1.93 for Linux (complete install package for svgalib)
Updated to v1.95 on Mar 09, 2010
Ron Clarke has linked together a handful of Arachne-related pages.
Arachne 'add-ons' ( APMs)
Have a look in the download directory.....
You might find something you need.
Have a look at the 'fork' of Arachne by
Ray Andrews
If you dislike using a mouse
and would much rather use the keyboard...
This little utility written by Ray Andrews
might be just what you're looking for.

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